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[16days_discussion] Women's Human Rights Education Institutes--July/Aug 2010

Angela Lytle angela.firefly at
Thu Apr 22 15:17:51 EDT 2010

*Please forward widely--- posters also attached:*

Now open for applications:

*2010 Women’s Human Rights Education Institutes (WHRI):*


**July 19-August 26, 2010*
Directed by: Alda Facio, LLP

Shanthi Dairiam, MA, Mary Eberts LLB, LSM, LLM*, **Angela Lytle MEd, and
Angela Miles, PhD***

*Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, University of Toronto***

Offered in Association with *Fundación Justicia y Género*, Costa Rica


CEDAW for Change**
**August 16-20, 2010*

Directed by Alda Facio, LLP and Shanthi Dairiam MA

*Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, University of Toronto***

Offered in Association with IWRAW-AP

Synopsis follows---for full information, see our website at:

         For inquiries, contact WHRI Program Director Angela Lytle at
info at


*Women’s Human Rights: Building a Peaceful World in an Era of Globalization
6 Week Institute***

*Facilitators* <>*: Alda Facio,
Shanthi Dairiam, Angela Miles, Angela Lytle*, *Mary Eberts*

*Offered in Partnership with** **Fundación Justicia y Género, Costa Rica*

*July 19-August 26, 2010*

*Limited to **twenty** Canadian and international participants, so apply
early to ensure consideration.*

*Final Application deadline May 15th, 2010.*

*Late applications may be considered if there is space.*

This unique educational institute brings feminist perspectives and an
activist orientation to the inextricably related issues of peace, human
rights and life-sustaining development. Participants will develop a
practical understanding of the UN Human Rights system and how to apply a
women’s human rights framework to a multiplicity of issues.

The six-week WHRI brings together a balance of academic/theoretical inquiry
and engaged, activist praxis.   Human rights, peace, and emerging
alternatives to globalization are examined both as interconnected elements
of a socially just and sustainable world and as alternative ways of knowing,
acting, being, and interacting. Women’s human rights are both the subject
and the guiding framework of the institute.  This is reflected in the
teaching principles and methodology. The WHRI aims to create a safe,
supportive, and celebratory space that allows for collective sharing and
knowledge-building alongside skills training . Classes are participatory,
incorporate a broad variety of readings, videos, and activities, and in an
effort to promote integration and well-being, participants are offered
gentle yoga classes twice a week.

All instructors <> have
extensive activist experience at local, national and international levels
and are known for their theoretical, academic and policy contributions in
these areas. To maximize each individual’s learning opportunity,
participants are limited to TWENTY and come from all regions of the world,
many with a great deal of experience in the field of women’s human rights.

*CEDAW For Change -1 Week Intensive Institute*

*Facilitators:  Alda Facio and Shanthi Dairiam, with Angela Lytle and Martha

* **Offered in Partnership with International Women’s Human Rights Action
Watch-Asia Pacific (IWRAW-AP)*

*August 16-20, 2010 *

*Final Application deadline:  July 16th, 2010*

* *The CEDAW for Change module within the six-week WHRI is open for
additional enrollment as a one-week intensive for those who cannot attend
the full course.  One-week participants will join the six-week programme
participants in this one-week module designed to cultivate a better
understanding of the principles of non discrimination and equality as
enshrined in CEDAW *(Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of
Discrimination Against Women*) and each State’s obligation to respect,
protect and fulfill women’s human rights. Participants will be helped to
frame whatever issues they are working on within a human right’s framework
from a gender perspective.

 This session stresses the multiplicity of forms of discrimination women
from diverse situations experience. During the week we will learn through
activities focused around identity and interconnectedness, the complex
nature of discrimination, the impact of culture and religion on women’s
rights, and activism against discrimination.  We will examine case studies
that have come before the CEDAW committee and will explore ways in which
CEDAW can be used to support local and national level activism through the
submission of Shadow Reports by NGOs and through the CEDAW Optional

For full details, see our website at:

For inquiries, contact WHRI Program Director Angela Lytle at:
info at
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