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Hi Samah
A major report by the Australian National Council to Reduce Violence
against Women and their Children may be of interest.  The National
Council was a group of independent experts appointed by the Australian
Government.  The report will be used to develop an Australian National
Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women.  Copies of the report are
available at
<http://www.fahcsia.gov.au/sa/women/pubs/violence/Pages/default.aspx> .
A copy of the Australian Prime Minister's media release is below, for
your info.
Melissa Stutsel
Ending Violence Against Women
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Media Release

Time for action to reduce violence against women and children

29 April 2009

The Australian Government today released Time for Action, the major
report of the National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and
their Children.

The report makes recommendations designed to tackle the unacceptable
levels of sexual assault and domestic and family violence in Australia,
and gives all governments and the community clear directions about
helping Australian women live free of violence, within respectful
relationships and in safe communities.

Nearly one in three Australian women experience physical violence and
almost one in five women experience sexual violence over their lifetime.

New research from KPMG commissioned by the National Council finds that
violence against women will cost the Australian economy around $13.6
billion this year, rising to $15.6 billion in 2021/22 if appropriate
action isn't taken.

The Government's position on violence against women is zero tolerance.

Laws must be strong enough to hold perpetrators to account and offer
justice and safety for victims and their families.

We must also educate young people to prevent violence in future

The Government has welcomed the Time for Action report and has agreed to
immediately progress 18 of the 20 priority recommendations. The
Government will further consider the other two within the context of
developing the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women.

The Australian Government will immediately:

*	Invest $12.5 million for a new national telephone and online
crisis service. The new service will be run by professional staff and
make active referrals to follow-up services. The new service will
operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;  
*	Invest $26 million for primary prevention activities including
$9 million to improve the quality and uptake of respectful relationships
programs for school age young people and $17 million for a public
information campaign focused on changing attitudes and behaviours that
contribute to violence; and 
*	Invest $3 million to support research on perpetrator treatment
and nationally consistent laws; 
*	Ask the Australian Law Reform Commission to work with State and
Territory law reform commissions to examine the inter-relationship of
laws that relate to the safety of women and their children. 
*	Establish the Violence Against Women Advisory Group to advise on
the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women. 

Domestic violence is the single biggest cause of homelessness in
Australia for women and the Government's White Paper on Homelessness,
released in December last year, provides an additional $1.2 billion over
four years.

This is a 55 per cent increase in investment in homelessness, including
a commitment of $800 million over the next four years for new support
services and $400 million over the next two financial years for social

The Government also announced a $6.4 billion investment to build at
least 20,000 new social housing dwellings as part of the Nation Building
Economic Stimulus Plan.

The Australian Government will also work with the States and Territories

*	Enforce domestic and family violence orders across State borders
through national registration; 
*	Improve the uptake of domestic violence coronial
recommendations; and 
*	Identify the best methods to investigate and prosecute sexual
assault cases. 

The Government will refer the Time for Action report to COAG to consider
issues relevant to States and Territories.

We want all governments to come on board and, by early 2010, achieve an
endorsed, national approach to reducing the incidence and impact of
violence against women and their children.

The Government would like to congratulate Libby Lloyd, Heather
Nancarrow, and the nine other National Council members have done an
outstanding job in bringing together such a comprehensive plan to guide
us in taking action on one of our most pervasive social problems.



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Hi Samah,

I am forwarding a number of publications which I hope will be of some
help to you in you endeavours to engage parliamentarians around the
issues of violence against women. They include guides from the UK,
Northern Ireland, Namibia, Council of Europe and the Inter-Parliamentary

If I can assist further, don't hesitate to email

Kindest regards,

Colm Dempsey

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2009/6/17 Samah helmy <samhelmy at hotmail.com>

	Hi again:  

	Pursuant to my email calling for ideas to engage
parliamentarians on issues related to violence against women, we are
also in the process to develop a national strategy to combat violence
against women in Egypt. Appreciate sharing ideas or good practices in
this regard given the context of Egypt as a country in the Middle East. 





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	Subject: RE: [16days_discussion] Celebrating Diversity:
Population Centered Sexual Violence Prevention
	Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 11:46:56 +0300

	Hi all: 

	We are a project working on combating violence against women in
Egypt. I am soliciting ideas on how to engage parliamentarians on issues
related to violence against women. In case you have a work experience on
this area, please share it with me. Appreciate all the help and the












	Samah Said
	USAID Contractor
	Team Leader
	Combating Violence Against Women Project
	National Council for Women
	Mobile:      0123410709


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	Subject: [16days_discussion] Celebrating Diversity: Population
Centered Sexual Violence Prevention

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	Subject: Celebrating Diversity: Population Centered Sexual
Violence Prevention
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	From: as at pcadv.org
	Celebrating Diversity:

	 Population Centered Sexual Violence Prevention

	June 23-24, 2009

	Quest Conference Center

	Columbus, Ohio


	Join us as we take our work to the next level by addressing the
importance of cultural sensitivity and appropriateness in our sexual
violence prevention efforts.  Nationally known speakers, Sujata Warrier,
Director of the New York City Program for the Prevention of Domestic
Violence, and Loretta Ross, National Coordinator of SisterSong, will
address cultural competency as well as sexual violence through a human
rights framework. Local presenters will share their innovative ideas and
give effective techniques on working inclusively with specific
populations including teens, men and boys, and LGBTQI youth. Specific
workshops will also focus on best practices regarding working within
school systems and among diverse community partners. 

	We hope that this conference provides a bridge by which we may
cross from our own experience to that of others and back, along the way
discovering our similarities, developing a respect for our differences,
and in the end embracing the diversity of each individual.

	Attached is the brochure for your convenience. It provides more
detailed information on conference objectives, speakers and
accommodations.  You can also find the brochure and registration
information at our website www.odvn.org <http://www.odvn.org/> 


	The registration deadline has been extended to Friday, June 19,

	Register TODAY at


	For more information, please contact Jasmine Finnie at (614)
781-9651 ext. 229 or jasminef at odvn.org



	Angela Sutton, JD

	Project Specialist

	Women of Color Network (WOCN)

	6400 Flank Drive, Suite 1300

	Harrisburg, PA 17112

	Phone: (800) 537-2238 x 137

	Fax: (717) 545-9456

	Email: as at pcadv.org

	"We will prevail because we have proven to the world and to
ourselves that we are not 'fringe elements' or 'special interest groups'
or so called 'Minorities.'  Without us, there is no legitimate majority
- we are the mainstream."

	-June Jordan


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