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Dear Friends,

Yesterday hundreds of armed Iraqi security forces attacked the Iranian
refugee camp in Iraq and killed seven unarmed people and injured more than
300s including several women.

The residents of this refugee camp called Ashraf , are the member of Iranian
opposition group and have the legal right to live in Iraq. The raid is still
going on this morning. In order to prevent more blood shit and to end this
human being catastrophe, please  distribute  the Amnesty International
statement among your contacts.

With many thanks

Beth Dehghan


Document - Iraq: Camp Ashraf residents attacked


Public Statement

AI Index: MDE 14/021/2009

28 July 2009

Iraq: Camp Ashraf residents attacked

Amnesty International is seriously concerned at today’s attacks by Iraqi
forces on unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf which left several people injured
and led to the arrest of at least eight others.

Hundreds of armed Iraqi security forces are said to have stormed the camp,
north of Baghdad, at around 3pm local time. They used tear gas, water canons
and batons against unarmed Iranian residents who tried to stop them from
entering the camp.

Video footage seen by Amnesty International clearly shows Iraqi forces
beating people repeatedly on different parts of the body, including the
head. Dozens of people are said to have been injured. Two of them, Reza
Chelcheraqi and Mohammad-Reza Shahsavandi, are believed to be in serious
condition. At least eight people, including Hasan Besharati, Humayoun
Deyhim, Gholam Reza Behrouzi, Hosein Fili, Mehdi Zareh and Naser Nour
Ebadian, were arrested and their current whereabouts are unknown.

In the last few months the Iraqi government has publicly stated that it
wants to take over full control of Camp Ashraf, in Diyala governorate, north
of Baghdad. On 27 July government spokesperson ‘Ali al-Dabbagh told an Iraqi
satellite television channel that the government “will take over the
responsibility of internal security affairs of Camp Ashraf”. The authorities
are reportedly planning to establish a police outpost inside the camp.

Amnesty International calls on the Iraqi government to investigate the
apparent excessive use of force by Iraqi security forces. The government
should reveal the whereabouts of the eight people detained and ensure that
they are protected from torture or other ill-treatment, as well as from
forcible return to Iran.


Around 3,400 residents of Camp Ashraf are members or supporters of the
People’s Mojahedeen Organization of Iran (PMOI), an Iranian opposition
organization whose members have been resident in Iraq for many years. Until
recently the PMOI was listed as a “terrorist” organization by the European
Union and other governments, but in most cases this designation has now been
lifted on the grounds that the PMOI no longer advocates or engages in armed
opposition to the government of Iran.

The US forces provided protection for the camp and its residents, who were
designated as “protected persons” following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but
this situation was discontinued following the Status of Forces Agreement
(SOFA) between the US and Iraqi governments, although the SOFA makes no
reference to Camp Ashraf or its residents.

Public Document


For more information please call Amnesty International's press office in
London, UK, on +44 20 7413 5566 or email: press at amnesty.org

International Secretariat, Amnesty International, 1 Easton St., London WC1X
0DW, UK www.amnesty.org

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 2:38 PM, KATHLEEN SLOAN <
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> Please join this important campaign.
> Kathy Sloan
>        Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.<http://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=3d29e44d120dbaa8d14163032&id=bb5f68b8f0&e=b7a35ed050>
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> Dear Friend,
> There are daily reports of deliberate and widespread sexual abuse in
> eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and Darfur, Sudan. As a member of the
> *Say **NO* network, join UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman in an
> action of global solidarity to help stop rape as a tactic of war. The *Stop
> Rape Now*<http://saynotoviolence.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3d29e44d120dbaa8d14163032&id=b0306980fe&e=b7a35ed050>campaign, an effort by 12 United Nations organizations to prevent
> conflict-related sexual violence, is asking for your help.
> How? *GET CROSS!* *Join us in a display of global solidarity: Cross your
> arms, take a photo and **upload<http://saynotoviolence.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3d29e44d120dbaa8d14163032&id=94e9134ec4&e=b7a35ed050>
> ** it on the Stop Rape Now website. *Adopting the UN Action's crossed-arm
> gesture is* *an effective way to send the message that sexual terror will
> not be tolerated.
> *Your photo will be showcased on the Stop Rape Now website and in a large
> global mosaic at the UN Headquarters, showing that people around the world
> are raising their voices against what has been called one of history’s
> greatest silences. *
> In August, the United Nations Security Council will debate an action plan
> on how to curb this war crime, punish perpetrators and document the
> atrocities. It will build on Security Council resolution 1820<http://saynotoviolence.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3d29e44d120dbaa8d14163032&id=a563cb9659&e=b7a35ed050>,
> unanimously adopted on 19 June 2008, to recognize conflict-related sexual
> violence as a tactic of war and as an urgent matter of international peace
> and security.*
> By sending your picture, you support the following call:*
>    - Sexual violence in conflict *must* and *can *stop.
>    - Survivors must be able to seek justice. Perpetrators must be
>    prosecuted. Judicial proceedings must be respectful and safe for victims and
>    witnesses.
>    - Survivors of war-time rape must receive reparations, either
>    individually or on a community basis, according to their wishes.
>    - Countries that contribute military, police or civilian peacekeepers
>    to UN missions must ensure they are trained to prevent sexual violence,
>    protect women and girls, and provide leadership opportunities to women.
>    - Donors must provide resources to address the needs of sexual violence
>    survivors in emergencies and conflicts.
> Sexual violence attacks not only the health and well-being of women and
> girls, but the peace process itself. Show that you *Say **NO* to sexual
> violence in conflict. Upload<http://saynotoviolence.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3d29e44d120dbaa8d14163032&id=77d217359e&e=b7a35ed050>your crossed-arm photograph for display on the
> *Stop Rape Now* website. Show you care. Show your support.
> *The Say NO Team*
> UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman, through this crossed-arm gesture,
> demonstrates her solidarity with the urgent cause of ending sexual violence
> in conflict, which terrorizes millions of women and girls and is a
> present-day tactic intentionally used on a large scale by armed groups.
> UNIFEM is one of 12 United Nations organizations that work together through
> *UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict*<http://saynotoviolence.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3d29e44d120dbaa8d14163032&id=1892bd0c6a&e=b7a35ed050>(UN Action) to strengthen services provided to survivors and to protect
> women and girls during and after conflict.
> *Did you know?*
>    - More than 500,000 women and girls in Rwanda were raped during the
>    1994 genocide.
>    - In Bosnia up to 50,000 suffered this crime.
>    - In these conflict situations, rape is not random; it is organized and
>    condoned by commanders.
> *Why?*
>    - To terrorize communities;
>    - To force people to flee;
>    - To humiliate the "enemy."
> *
> These rapes inflict immense psychological and physical harm. We need to* *act
> now*<http://saynotoviolence.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3d29e44d120dbaa8d14163032&id=591d5448c8&e=b7a35ed050>.
>   Say NO – UNiTE to End Violence against Women
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