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Please join this important campaign.
Kathy Sloan

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Dear Friend,
There are daily reports of deliberate and widespread sexual abuse in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and Darfur, Sudan. As a member of the Say NO network, join UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman in an action of global solidarity to help stop rape as a tactic of war. The Stop Rape Now campaign, an effort by 12 United Nations organizations to prevent conflict-related sexual violence, is asking for your help.
How? GET CROSS! Join us in a display of global solidarity: Cross your arms, take a photo and uploadit on the Stop Rape Now website. Adopting the UN Action's crossed-arm gesture is an effective way to send the message that sexual terror will not be tolerated. 
Your photo will be showcased on the Stop Rape Now website and in a large global mosaic at the UN Headquarters, showing that people around the world are raising their voices against what has been called one of history’s greatest silences. 

In August, the United Nations Security Council will debate an action plan on how to curb this war crime, punish perpetrators and document the atrocities. It will build on Security Council resolution 1820, unanimously adopted on 19 June 2008, to recognize conflict-related sexual violence as a tactic of war and as an urgent matter of international peace and security.

By sending your picture, you support the following call:
	* Sexual violence in conflict must and can stop.
	* Survivors must be able to seek justice. Perpetrators must be prosecuted. Judicial proceedings must be respectful and safe for victims and witnesses.
	* Survivors of war-time rape must receive reparations, either individually or on a community basis, according to their wishes.
	* Countries that contribute military, police or civilian peacekeepers to UN missions must ensure they are trained to prevent sexual violence, protect women and girls, and provide leadership opportunities to women.
	* Donors must provide resources to address the needs of sexual violence survivors in emergencies and conflicts.
Sexual violence attacks not only the health and well-being of women and girls, but the peace process itself. Show that you Say NO to sexual violence in conflict. Upload your crossed-arm photograph for display on the Stop Rape Now website. Show you care. Show your support.
The Say NO Team 

UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman, through this crossed-arm gesture, demonstrates her solidarity with the urgent cause of ending sexual violence in conflict, which terrorizes millions of women and girls and is a present-day tactic intentionally used on a large scale by armed groups. UNIFEM is one of 12 United Nations organizations that work together through UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict (UN Action) to strengthen services provided to survivors and to protect women and girls during and after conflict.

Did you know? 
	* More than 500,000 women and girls in Rwanda were raped during the 1994 genocide. 
	* In Bosnia up to 50,000 suffered this crime.
	* In these conflict situations, rape is not random; it is organized and condoned by commanders.

	* To terrorize communities; 
	* To force people to flee;
	* To humiliate the "enemy."
These rapes inflict immense psychological and physical harm. We need to act now. 
Say NO – UNiTE to End Violence against Women

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Say NO – UNiTE to End Violence against Women
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