[16days_discussion] call from Berlin and AMsterdam to support the mourning mothers of Teheran in a womens vigil Friday night or Saturday night 7-8]

Eva Quistorp equistorp at aol.com
Sun Jul 26 06:13:37 EDT 2009

dear sisters ,women and mothers,grandmothers
as co founder of women for peace Germany and a sister of grandmothers 
for peace ,who helped to support the democratic opposition in eastern 
Europe in the 80ties and habe been standing many days and weeks to 
oppose nuclear weapons in Europe and elsewhere, as well as the nuclear 
waste, uranium mining and nuclear testing as women strike for peace
and women from different areas in the world being affected

I call you now together with SHirin Ebadi my sisters in Paris, London, 
New York, Amsterdam,Warschau, Sidney, San Francisco, Rome,Sevilla,Gotenburg
Stockholm,Brussels,Cairo, Jerusalem and Ramallah,Belgrade and 
Sarajevo,Rio and Bogota, Moskau and Kiew , Prague,Honolulu,Milano,Manila
and Johannisburg and New Dehli.....wherever we have been together on 25 
July united4 Iran actions with amnesty international and reportes 
without borders
and the nobel prize women,some of them my old friends like Wangari Mathai..

*to support the mourning mothers in Teheran and Iran*
*sitting in black dress in front of the horrible prison Evin in Teheran, 
waiting to find their kids and relatives,
who where made disappeared or where beaten and imprisoned after the 
peaceful rallies against the election fraud and for cvi and women rights 
in Iran
since the 12 June 2009
*as the mother of SOhrab ,who is a peace women too, has been looking for 
her son of 19 years, a wonderful talented young man, for more than 20 
days and nights in front of hospitals, prisons and police stations,
then only after his death got the horrible so called news, he would have 
died in prison,he was shot in his heart after torture, probably
with the mother of SOhrab, the mother of Neda and the mothers of too 
many young students, of jornalists, of trade unionists, of human right 
of former politicians,of women rights advocats ,of sisters and daughters 
of them and friends and relatives and companions,
we want to support the mourning mothers of Teheran and IRan waiting in 
front of the prisons or lonely at home
the world media and the world communities should not forget them and 
their suffering and their silent struggle for human rights
as the suffering and the struggle of the mothers of the plaza de Mayo 
and the mothers of Tianmen and the women in black in war and violence 
suffering regions should not be forgotten, their pictures should not 
just be used by the media or by limited political groups, but they 
should get the practical support to get
their children and relatives free and to restore their human and women 
and mothers rights
we will sit like them in black dresses and be silent and remember the 
speeches of SHirin Ebadi and her appeal
of the international action day 25 July united4 Iran
"I call the free women for the world to follow the mourning mothers in 
Iran and sit in black silent Saturday 7-8-"
as there are many peace prayers from different religions in the world 
each Friday evening and a Vigil for Ian
at Brandenburg gate each Friday evening, women can choose a symbolic 
place or a park in their city
and they can be 7 or 40 or more or less, but sit in solidarity with the 
mourning mothers or Teheran and Iran
and call for women rights and human rights and media freedom and the end 
of torture and killing of innocent people, who just want freedom
of expression and their vote respected
We shall overcome, we will live in peace, we walk hand in hand, Azadeh 
for the mourning mothers in Iran as in other war and violence regions of 
the world
Salaam,SChalom-free women of the world unite for women and  human 
rights,for peace and freedom

*Eva Quistorp, co founder of women for peace ,Germany, Berlin-initiator 
of the daily and Friday night vigil at Brandenburg gate for the civil 
rights movement in Iran
Berlin tel 3239543

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