[16days_discussion] Rethinking Domestic Violence

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You may already be aware of this Article, as it is not exactly new.  it is a deeply thoughtful and unfailingly annotated document.  Clearly it is concerned with the US blue-collar working family, but now the same data has begun to apply to white-collar workers and their families.  The focus is on how global issues destablize intimate relationships, how the law presently deals with domestic violence, and the need for a social movement to confront and address these issues.  The article does not concern itself with other causes of domestic violence.  It seems to me that most of what is written is, or ought, to be fairly easy to discern by any individual who wants to see it, yet the apparent need for this disclosure attests to a large segment of our population that doesn't want to see it, so it must be exquisitely documented to prove the point.  I suspect that it applies to other countries as well, at least to some extent.  
The Personal Is Political-and Economic: Rethinking Domestic Violence

By Weissman, Deborah M
Publication: Brigham Young University Law Review
Date: Monday, January 1 2007 

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