[16days_discussion] Appointment of White House Advisor on Violence Against Women

Beth Dehghan beth.dehghan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 00:22:37 EDT 2009

Dear friends,

 My name is Beth Dehghan and I have been one of the regular participant of
UN CSW for so many years. I am originally from Iran living in the US for
more than 30 years . Hope you remember me. I met all of you at 53 CSW in
March. After I returned to North Carolina from NY. I initiated a committee
from the women organisations and women right and human rights activists in

The main goals of  this committee are to raise public awareness and to
educate the community members in NC on CEDAW and CSW . The strategy for the
CEDAW is to convince our senators and congressmen and congresswomen to
support the ratification of CEDAW in th United States. As you know there is
a good opportunity for ratification of CEDAW in   the United States with the
new administration. President Obama is very supportive and John Cary the
chair of the Foreign  Relation Committee of Senate has been a great
advocates for CEDAW . Considering all the existing RDUs and other obstacles
on the way,  we are hoping by grass roots support of our community members
along with others around the Unites States, we could minmize the RDUs and
facilitate the ratification of CEDAW.

 Morover, during 53 CSW meetings, I realized that there was a great demand
for participation of girls in CSW meetings.  Considering the next CSW and 15
years after Beijing, my thinking is to facilitate the participation of
female college students in next CSW meetings as much as possible.  I believe
we need to engage the younger generation in our movement more than any other
times and these girls could easily convay the next CSW's messge to the
people in NC.

I would like to inform you that NC Committee for CEDAW/CSW has been
successfully formed with members from ACLU, Amnesty International, Ipas, NC
Coalition for Human Rights, UNIFEM/USNC-North Carolina chapter, US committee
for Immigrants and Refugees , NC Women Center, and many inters ted men and

We are perusing our goals with four active subcommittees on Research, Fund
raising, Administration,and Community out reach .

I am sharing this experience with you to apply possibly in  your own
community and in your work. I also need your advice to get help form other
organization such as yours to be able to send minimum of 10 girls to next
CSW meeting.  I would like to see if your organization is willing  to
sponsor any of these students or if you are aware of other resource such as
lodgings facilities or scholarships for these kids!.

I am  willing to learn form your expertise in this regard.

With my best wishes
Beth Dehghan

NC Committee for CEDAW/CSW

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