[16days_discussion] MJ and Protecting, rather than corrupting innocence-- another POV

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KATHY SLOAN--Wait just a minute--there is not a shred of evidence that MJ actually abused anyone. All my years of experience in this field, almost 40 years, tells me he did not and he was the victim here. to me MJ is the penultimate survivor of CSA, and he did not rpevail...he was always obsessed with PROTECTING THE INNOCENCE IOF CHILDREN not CORRUPTING IT. MJ is almost my egneration; he was of my younger sister's...during that era we often used unisex bathrooms or slept together with adults and kids (non sexually) or in teh main, with mixed adults who hugged innocently. i know such a thing is not only possible, but in MJ's acse probable.
if anything his won experience left him struggling with asexuality.
Now i certainly can be wrong...but it is my considered opinion and area of expertise also. and to me he could not ahve drawn the line with his own children if he was acompulsive behvaiorally disordered pedophile.
I truly think MJ was a learning diasble d , CSA survivor and sublimating guy who was of true musical genius and almost socially autistic.
To be sure, the family of the child who essentially set him up were not paons of virtue or mental health. and i strobngly suggest that he could not have covered his tracks so well under such intense scrutiny without the truth coming out...
it is hellacuious to have your own innocence and mentala nd sexual health setroyed and then be accused falsey off corrupting others...that si what i think happened here.
I hope to God I am right and you are wrong, but i do not let my hopes color my protectiveness  towards children. the people we have to fear most are those in responsible positons who aren't so weird as MJ.
weirdness and unconventionality is not abuse.
Abuse is far more often cloaked by seeming normalcy.

Peace and Blessings, 

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