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Spiritual Parenting
wisdom (and wit) for raising your child in a stress-free and spiritual environment

Gopika Kapoor

THE parenting handbook : compassionate, practical, and deeply wise ...

A child is possibly life's greatest miracle; raising one is possibly life's greatest challenge. But fear not – help is at hand!
conception to early childhood, Spiritual Parenting, the first in a
series by Hay House India will steer you through this life-altering
journey.. Marrying spirituality with tried-and-true advice, it offers
simple but enormously effective strategies on bringing up children in
this crazy world that we live in – and staying positive and sane
through it. 

In this indispensable guide, Gopika Kapoor, a writer
and mother of twins, shares with you all that she has learned both as a
parent herself and as a close observer of other parents. From managing
your toddler's tantrums to advice on kiddie birthday parties, and from
suggestions on positive discipline to ideas on how to connect with your
child, she provides not just solutions, but also useful tips on
pre-empting the common problems that every parent encounters in
bringing up Baby. However, this book is much more than a primer on how
to raise happy kids; it is also about how to be happy parents. In her
typically reassuring, compassionate tone, she shows us how to tackle
the physical and emotional difficulties we face as parenting adults –
post-partum depression, sleeplessness, strains on spousal
relationships, and much more – with suggestions for body and soul based
on practical experience and spiritual lessons.

This book will not
tell you how to deal with colic or cold sores; it will not give you
recipes for kiddie snacks, nor will it tell you when your baby's shots
are due. Kapoor shares what she has learned with other parents like
herself, as who collectively struggle to create an atmosphere of
normalcy for their children in this world of greed and materialism,
competition and commercialism. She does not advocate any religion or
practice, nor does she claim to be a child-development specialist or
psychiatrist. She is a writer and a mother, and what she offers are
simple solutions that have worked for her, and are guaranteed to work
for parents today.

Focused on both parent and child, Spiritual
Parenting is an invaluable compendium of common sense and spiritual
wisdom. Read this one book and you'll see how one of life's greatest
challenges can also be one of its greatest joys ...

ISBN: 978-8189988531
Price: Rs.200/-
Format: Paperback



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