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Dear Ravi,

Breakthrough launches Bell Bajao phase two in collaboration with the Indian Ministry of Women and Child Development and UNIFEM. Watch Boman Irani, Bell Bajao Brand Ambassador, play the protagonist in the third TV Commercial of the Bell Bajao campaign where he urges young boys and men to ring the bell and end Domestic Violence. 

Bell Bajao rang in the new year with resounding success, 
when the National Creative Directors (NCD) of advertising 
agencies gave us their 'vote of confidence' and listed our 
TV spots as one of the 'piping hot ads of 2008'. To add 
to that, the Indian Express inscribed and declared 
Bell Bajao as the 'Hope Story for 2009'. 

Created pro bono by Ogilvy & Mather, this TV Commercial has 
been distributed across popular TV channels.

Please watch the videos, contribute to our interactive website, and share what you've learned.Let's bring domestic violence to a halt and promote women's human rights! 
Warm regards,

Mallika Dutt
Executive Director
   TUNE IN: Bell Bajao Videos 

An upmarket Indian resedential locality resonates with sounds of doemstic violence. What can you do?

Can I make a call?

That excuse is just a ring away.. Asking to use
his telephone is one of the many things you 
can do to bring domestic violence to a halt.
Click HERE to watch!

In your Hood!

Boman Irani advises you on how to stop
domestic violence in your neighbourhood.
Click HERE to watch!

Boman Irani launches Bell Bajao             

Bell Bajao Brand Ambassador Boman Irani launched the campaign in Mumbai.                                                           Click HERE to watch! 
  DO: More on Bell Bajao.org

Want to get involved? Or have thoughts on the issue? 

On the Bell Bajao website:

	* Learn & Teach: Read our toolkits and our resources on domestic violence 
	* Start Talking: Share your thoughts on the blog 
	* Play: Games, contests and polls on the issue 
	* Act: Become a virtual Rights Advocate 


Breakthrough is an innovative, high impact international human rights organization using the power of popular culture, media and education to transform public attitudes and advance equality, justice and dignity.

We currently work in India and the United States, the world's two largest democracies, on several issues including violence against women, sexuality and HIV/AIDS, and, racial justice and immigrant rights. Log on to www.breakthrough.tv for more information.



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