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Dear Ravi:

SWATI - Society for women's Actions and Training Initiatives ( the organisation I am a part of) is organizing under the sub theme gender based violence a workshop on the topic ' Gender Main streaming: Exploring Masculinities and its relationship to an equitable world order'

I attach with this mail a concept note on the topic  .  The note is being translated in to French and Spanish and we will be circulating these soon .

The workshop is scheduled for 31st  January.  Do let me  know if you are participating in the WSF in which case I would like to invite you to contribute and be on the panel for the workshop.

Ravi, we also need to get in touch with others who may be interested in participating/partnering the workshop . I would appreciate if you can help forward /upload this mail to other you know including the yahoo groups :Working with boys and men, participation of girls and boys and any other you think appropriate.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you
Poonam Kathuria
SWATI-Society for Women's Action And Training Initiatives
65-67, GIDC estate, Surndranagar Highway Road
Dhranghdra- 363 310. Gujarat, India
email: pswati at sify.com  
phone: 91 2754 281338, 
mobile: +919825084601
skype id: pswati

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