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> http://www.svri.org/call.htm
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> *The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) Coordinating Group 
> Requests Nominations for Experts to Join the SVRI Coordinating Group.* 
> *Send to: svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za> by Deadline 27 
> January 2009.*
> The SVRI is particularly interested in identifying candidates from, 
> Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia, with particular emphasis on 
> China, although nominations of people from other parts of the world 
> will also be accepted. Applicants based in North America and Western 
> Europe should pay particular attention in their application letter to 
> explaining the scope and depth of their involvement in research in 
> developing countries on sexual violence issues. Applications from both 
> women and men are welcome.  Nominees should have a proven track record 
> of quality work on sexual violence research, advocacy, policy making 
> and/or service provision. Self-nomination is permitted.  Nominations 
> by national and regional networks are encouraged.
> The SVRI Coordinating Group provides overall guidance to further the 
> work of the Initiative. Its role is to support and oversee the work of 
> the SVRI secretariat. The group meets in person once a year to review 
> the work of the SVRI. In addition, regular contact is maintained in 
> between meetings via email and teleconferences to ensure the smooth 
> functioning of the SVRI's work.
> The SVRI Coordinating Group consists of researchers, practitioners 
> and/or advocates from a range of sectors (such as service providers to 
> victims and perpetrators, epidemiologists, health system researchers, 
> program evaluation experts, social scientists, and the NGO sector). 
>  Members of the SVRI Coordinating Group are not considered 
> "representatives" of either specialization or region and act in their 
> individual capacity. The working language of the SVRI Coordinating 
> Group is English, and nominees should have the ability to speak, 
> write, and review documents, in English. For more information on the 
> SVRI Coordinating Group members please visit: 
> http://www.svri.org/group.htm
> Coordinating Group members are expected to be active participants in 
> the work of the SVRI including reviewing documents developed by the 
> SVRI, conducting advocacy with donors to raise funds for the SVRI, and 
> other activities undertaken by the Initiative. Coordinating Group 
> members should expect to devote time to the Initiative, including 
> attendance at the annual meeting of the Coordinating Group.  (In the 
> past this has amounted to about two working weeks.)
> To nominate a person who fits the above criteria, or apply yourself, 
> please send the following:
>    1. A brief (1 page) letter of nomination which describes why you
>       are nominating the individual and what particular strengths and
>       perspectives they will bring to the SVRI.  Please ensure that
>       the letter includes full contact information for the nominee and
>       the person/organization making the nomination.
>    2. An up to date CV /resume of the nominee.
> Email submissions are preferred. Nominations should be sent to 
> svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za> by 27th January 2009. 
> Or
> Sexual Violence Research Initiative
> c/o Gender and Health Research Unit
> South African Medical Research Council
> Private Bag x385
> Pretoria 0001
> Nominations may also be faxed to:  +27 12 339 8582
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