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New Website at WWM
WWM are proud to launch our new website. It is designed to give you easy access to all the information you need to know about who we are and what we do, it also now has additional features such as a debate forum, online polls and online purchasing of resources. There are dedicated sections for professionals working with men and boys and information available direct for men and boys.
The website now has the facility to accept online payments for resources; this means a more streamlined system for those placing orders with us, via the paypal payment system. There is also a function for donations to be made directly to WWM via the website. We are hoping this will help us provide more of the valuable work that we do.
One of the most exciting new features is the online debate forum. It will provide a space for any interested person to leave comments on topics we have posted, reports we have written or campaigns we are running.
There are also bi weekly polls where you can leave your answer to the question posed. The results will be posted and will be used to provoke further debate. You will also be able to sign up to our quarterly newsletter, available via email.
You will be able to find out much more information on the work we do in various projects and the help you can get from us.
We hope you enjoy the new features on the website and invite you to make comments on how we can improve our site even more.
Hannah Merry - Business Administrator
Working With Men
Unit K401 
Tower Bridge Business Complex, 
100 Clements Road ,
SE16 4DG
Telephone/ Fax: 0207 237 5353
            Working With Men is a registered Charity (No: 1102451)
              And a company limited by guarantee (No: 3443520).

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