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Report about one  day National Seminar on  The Role of Trade Unions to support Self Employment of Poor Women in Rural Areas At Ambassador Hotel  Lahore on 17th January,2008.
One day National Seminar on The Role of Trade Unions to support Self Employment of Women in Rural Areas organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of the World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) at Ambassador  Lahore.
70 Women from Trade Unions  from all over the Country attended the Seminar.
Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson welcomes the participants  for their valuable participation. She said that The Government of Pakistan established the Ministry of Women Development which guarantees to protect the Women Rights and to stop the  victimization of Working Women in public and private sectors.
She Said that the main aims and objectives of the Establishment of  PLF Women Wing r was to stabilization of the institutional and Legal protection of Women’s and  to create awareness amongst their Basic Rights. She said that it is the duty of Trade unions that they should worked hard to ensure that women enjoy equal Rights with men in terms of politics, economy. Culture, Trade Unions and Social life.
Haji Muhammad Saeed Founder Secretary General PLF  said that PLF has continuously intensified its efforts in the enforcement of relevant Laws and regulations to protect the legitimate Rights and interest of women workers in all over the Country. He said that PLF Women wing is very active to motivate the Women Workers regarding their Basic  Rights, He said that PLF to encourage Rural Women to acquire knowledge and provide information for their Rights
Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate  Legal Advisor PLF  said that the Trade Unions have very effective Role and Responsibilities in the Society and they can play very positive Role for protecting working Women Rights and they have the possibility of self-Employment for the women’s in Rural Areas.
He said that Poverty and Unemployment is a very big Problems not for men but also for women’s he also said the other cause for poverty is high rate of growth of population..
He said that UN Committee on the Elimination of discrimination against women is working but in Developing Countries like Pakistan the working women’s are facing discrimination in all walk of life. He said that the Declaration of Philadelphia reaffirms that Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Association are very essential to sustained Progress.
Ms Shamila Sadiq Secretary Women Wing PLF said that The support of Self –employment of Poor women in Rural areas by Trade unions is very effective step for fighting against poverty.
She said that Women Wing of  PLF  will continue its efforts to encourage to promote Gender Equality and women’s Development, Strengthen its cooperation with the all NGO,s and make active contribution to promoting Gender Equality, Development and peace.
Ms Rizwana Yasmeen Advocate Senior Vice President PLF  said that we believe that for the Economic and Social Development of the Country the efforts of the Trade Union to promote Gender equality and women’s Development and  for the improving of economic system.
She said that  with out active participation of women is not possible. She appreciated the efforts and struggle of PLF for the protection of Women’s Rights,
Mrs Hina Noor said that in the Rural Area of Pakistan the Women’s are working in the Farm and in home more than 16 hours and they have no Right to form their Union
She said that in Rural Areas we may extend our activities  and to introduce more project for Poultry Farm Goat Farm Vocational Training Center, Beauty Parlor 
She Said that workers shall enjoy adequate protection against acts of Anti Union discrimination in respect of their Employment, but thousands workers from Public and Private sector has been compulsory retire from their Jobs with out any justification 
(Haji Muhammad Saeed)
 Secretary General
 PH. # 92-42-6856984 FAX # 92-42-6844293
 E.MAIL: plfpakistan at yahoo.com
Note:  We shall be most grateful if you could kindly include our Federation name in to you mailing list and send us your publications. and also inform us about your Conference , Seminar, Workshop and training Programs

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Women & Girls' Rally & March
at the XVI International AIDS Conference
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When: 7:30 a.m. on August 14, 2006

Where:   Parkette on Bremnar Boulevard
(across from the Metro Toronto Convention Center South Building entrance)

To join the mailing list and receive further details, contact: 
Jes Smith, Blueprint Coordinator, at jess at cdnaids.ca


The Blueprint for Action on Women and HIV/AIDS is a Coalition of HIV-positive women, Canadian and international HIV/AIDS organizations, women health care advocates and organizations and health care providers.  Acting as a united voice on policy issues for women and girls living with, and affected by HIV/AIDS in Canada, the Coalition will strive to ensure that women's issues will be equally represented at the 2006 International AIDS Conference in Toronto, and will seek to ensure that governments are held accountable for their response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic as it affects women and girls globally and in Canada.

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