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gregoire kauli gkauli at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 31 06:57:00 EST 2008

Dear Colleagues, 

At the celebrations of the Nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ and the New Year 2009, I wish all of you and your families, my best wishes for happiness and prosperity. I remain convinced that the year 2009, will be successful for everyone. 
I am also convinced that the rights of vulnerable persons in this case, women, young girls, especially in the areas of fighting, where they are used by the belligerents as exclaves sex, or in other parts of the world, where women are suffering all kinds of inhuman and degrading treatments or for religious reasons or for any other reasons, should be for all interested groups, to become more involved and take an active part in any action along the lines of defence of these rights or they may be. Defending the rights of women should not be a simple case of good intensions; it should not be "a feminist non-interventionist", as like to say, one French feminist. The training of persons engaged in international conferences on women's rights, not only that it can be a major asset in the sense of advocacy; it may also constitute a sort of report on the situation of Women around the world. I believe that this year 2009, we will be together for the best.
My best wishes. Thank you. 

Mr Grégoire KAULI MOKET 
Doctoral student in Human Rights and Democracy 
UNESCO Chair for Human Rights and resolution of conflicts in Central Africa and in SADC countries. 
University of Lubumbashi, 
LUBUMBASHI Democratic Republic of Congo 
Tel.: +243816861279 
E-mail: gkauli at yahoo.fr


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