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                        ON 10th December,2008 At Lahore Pakistan 
On the occasion of the World Day for Human Rights a National seminar on Human Rights and Trade Unions Role was held at Hotel Ambassador Lahore Pakistan on 10th December,2008  at 3.00.O Clock. organised by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) 
A large number of Trade Union activist attended this Seminar 
Mr Asif F Vardag President Presided the Seminar 
While addressing the Seminar the Founder/Secretary General Haji Muhammad Saeed Said that  the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights  are  the voices of millions of people around the world; re-committing themselves to the goals of the Universal Declaration and calling on Trade Unions/Employer and Governments and individuals everywhere to renew their commitment to human rights. He said that “Today is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights' 60th anniversary. and it is our duty to  highlighted the main contents of this Declaration  throughout the World and to faced with profound challenges today and ahead.  
Mr Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor (PLF) (PTWF) (WAWO) Said that Trade Unions as mass organization  is great hope and  better tools to communicate and demand justice than any group before us. We have global goals and shared destinies that connect us.  We can be the generation that becomes one human family - united in dignity and rights. He said that  We can realize the dream of the visionaries who drafted the Universal Declaration 60 years ago, and all of the women and men that have dedicated their lives to standing up for that dream since.let’s not forget the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. “The time is always right to do what is right”. Let this be the time we all stand and make a difference 

Mrs Saleem Chairperson (PLF) and President (PTWF) Said that 60 years ago, Nations of the world came together and declared the rights of human’s .Its after the atrocities of the two world wars that nations forged a bond never to allow the misdeeds that occurred during the two (wars never to happen again). Under the stewardship of Eleanor Roosevelt, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights document was presented to nations to sign on 10th December 1948. To date the International Bill of Rights, which comprises the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and its two covenants are what steer the world towards a just and peaceful world in which all Humans are seen as being equal and having inalienable rights.

Mr Asif F Vardag Said that On this day, the Pakistan Labour Federation joins in hand with other organizations and the world as a whole, as we celebrate 60 years of progress of Human Rights. Although not fully achieved,PLF in association with National Trade Unions and Youth Organizations members, strive to promote and protect the understanding of Human Rights issue to Labour and youths. Youths form a crucial part of society and it would be detrimental if they were not educated on this important issue. It’s for this and many other reasons that attention should be given to youth issues such as Education, Unemployment, HIV/AIDS, and Health etc. Mr Moaz Ch Secretary Youth wing PLF said that The Youth issues are Human Rights issues and failure to meet them denies our youth the very essence that embodies the International Bill of Rights of a free being with inalienable rights. It should thus be within our selves to fight for these Rights as well as its
 protection and education so as to prevent a recurrence of our past mistakes.

Rana Muhammad Akram Dy Secretary General Said that The theme for 2008, “Dignity and justice for all of us,” reinforces the vision of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a commitment to universal dignity and justice. It should not be viewed as a trivial idea. The UDHR and its core values, inherent human dignity, non-discrimination, equality, fairness and universality, apply to everyone, everywhere and always.  The Declaration is universal, enduring and vibrant, and it concerns us all. As we all look back to the 60 years that have passed.
Molvi Muhammad Aslam ,Muhammad Rassheed,Inyat Ali,Muhammad Shafique,Syed Naeem Sha Agha Yawar Abbas,Mr Sattar Hashmi.Habibullha Khattak,Rana Muhammad Akram Abdullha Jan,Haji Javid Khan,Shahzad Aslam,Mr Fareed Awan,Sh Muhammad Iqbal,Malik Khalid Mahmood,Mrs Shahnaz Suhail,Eshan Elahi,Mr Asif Raza ,Mr Nazakat Hussain and Mrs Zahada also addressed the Seminar 
(Haji Muhammad Saeed )
Secretary General

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