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Day 16: The 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

On December 10, people and states the world over celebrate the 1948 
adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).  On this 
landmark date in contemporary history, the nations of the world joined 
together to try to bury, once and for all, the spectre of genocide 
raised by the Second World War. The UDHR was one of the first major 
achievements of the United Nations and provided the basic philosophy for 
many legally-binding international instruments to follow.  Resolution 
217A (III) by the General Assembly proclaims the "Universal Declaration 
of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and 
all nations, to the end that every organ of society, keeping this 
Declaration constantly in mind shall strive by teaching and education to 
promote respect for these rights and freedoms..." 

Organizations and individuals use Human Rights Day as an opportunity to 
both commemorate the signing of this historic document and to promote 
the principles that it embodies. Human Rights Day, according to former 
High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, is "an occasion to 
demonstrate that the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human 
Rights were not theoretical or abstract."

To obtain a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and for 
more information, please visit the UN website at: 

_*Highlighting 16 Defenders for 16 Days: Day 16

(International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights)
An NGO Confronting Taboos

INCRESE was founded by Dorothy Aken'Ova in 2000, in the northern part of 
Nigeria, an area generally noted as particularly conservative. In the 
face of state and fundamentalist religious opposition, INCRESE 
courageously calls attention to lack of laws, policies, infrastructure 
and political will to address the reproductive and sexual health needs 
and rights of people in marginalized groups, and in particular, women 
and young people. In its advocacy at local, regional and global levels, 
INCRESE focuses on rights of marginalized people, including sex workers, 
LGBT people and people with disabilities. In their fight to challenge 
and eliminate discrimination related to gender and sexuality, INCRESE 
members and supporters sometimes confront 'taboos' head on: the 
organization runs community workshops on unsafe abortion, teen 
pregnancy, rape and same sex sexuality -- and sometimes does this 'in 
secret' to protect participants' safety and confidentiality.


*Women for Women's Human Rights-
New Ways*
Independent women's rights activist NGO

Founded in 1993, Women for Women's Human Rights - New Ways (WWHR) 
contributed significantly to successful legal reform campaigns in Turkey 
resulting in the recognition of women's sexual and bodily autonomy and 
rights in the Penal Code; full gender equality in the Civil Code; 
enactment of protection orders; and ministerial bans on virginity 
testing. The organization also initiated the Coalition for Sexual & 
Bodily Rights (CSBR) and the Sexuality Institute, which is a network 
among activists in Muslim societies advocating for the promotion of 
sexual and reproductive health and rights as human rights. WWHR was 
awarded the 1999 Leading Solutions Award by the Association for Women in 
Development, in recognition of its contributions to advancing gender 
equality and social justice. In 2007, WWHR and CSBR won the Gruber 
Foundation's Women's Rights Prize, in acknowledgement of its 
contributions to furthering the rights of women and girls.


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