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Subject: Training Workshop on "Skilled Efficiency in Counseling & Supervision"
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 04:37:42 -0500

Dear Ravi,
This mail brings you an update
Along with an Educational Consultant Mrs Rupika Goenka from Kolkata, I have launched an Organization "Antarang" and our website www.antarangindia.com will be active in a few days
Our focus is Building Resilience - within children, families, schools, organizations and programs through consultations, trainings and workshops
Antarang is situated at Bangalore
We are planning to offer a 15 days training in Counseling & Supervision for those at managerial level and those who have been offering counseling services.
This training will have a special focus on working with alcohol & drug dependents, prevention of CSA and working with victims of CSA and counseling supervision
I request you to give me a few contacts whom I could send the details on this training
The venue will be within Bangalre city. It would be held from 14th to 28th February 2009. The cost will be US 1000 per head - that would cover the training, reading materials, shoe-string budget accommodation, moderate food, travel from airport to venue and back, leaving the rest to be covered by them as personal
Knowing your wide contacts, I am sure you will be able to refer me some
Thanking in advance for this support
Warm regards
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