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Today is World AIDS Day - an occasion to commemorate the challenges posed by a pandemic that has had a devastating effect on mankind, in particular the youth. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the World Aids Day, with the theme “Lead- Empower - Deliver†. This theme provides an opportunity to highlight both political leadership and celebrate leadership that has been witnessed at all levels of society. 

More than half of the 60 million people who have been infected by HIV in the past 20 years have been young people aged between 15 and 24. Twelve million young people are today living with HIV/AIDS, and 6,000 more infected every day: that is 250 infected every hour.

On this revered occasion, we would like to call upon all stakeholders, partners, governments and youth organisations to raise awareness and focus attention on the global AIDS epidemic.

Take Action

There are many ways you can take action in response to HIV/AIDS:
• get tested for HIV 
• practice safe methods to prevent HIV 
• decide not to engage in high risk behaviors 
• talk about HIV prevention with family, friends, and colleagues 
• provide support to people living with HIV/AIDS
• get involved with or host an event for World AIDS Day in your community

Youth and Policy 

• National Youth Councils (NYCs) need to be involved throughout the development process of any policy affecting youth and HIV/AIDS
• Create an enabling environment for appropriate laws and polices by promoting policy dialogue for HIV/STI prevention and care at all levels to mobilize resources, ensure ownership and sustainability, and promote a rights-based approach 
• Foster the participation of all youth in HIV/AIDS policy development and programmes, including those with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS
• Work closely with a single-coordinating National AIDS Council and promote the decentralization of AIDS councils down to the local levels
• NYCs need to be autonomous to prevent overly strong influence from their ministries to enhance their prominence at regional and international levels
• Establish Youth Parliaments in countries where they do not exists to create a platform of consultation among lawmakers and youth

Knowledge Sharing 

• Adopt culture of information-sharing and cross-fertilization of good practices between countries at all levels
• Networking between regional NYCs should be systemized
• Networking with community associations and institutions playing critical roles in defining social norms
• Take initiative to train ourselves as youth leaders to understand and enhance the role of young people in moving youth platform forward
• Promote and package awareness and advocacy initiatives that build on the positive socio-cultural values and norms in communities to address the adolescent/youth SRH needs and concerns

Let us rise to meet the HIV/AIDS Challenge!




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