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Dear friends/sisters,

Here are the info about the campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Foundation CURE (Cure meaning Girls in local languages) is a
non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit organization that focuses
its work on feminist activism, publishing, audio-video and digital
production, event management for human rights and social changes, research,
all aiming at creating and developing public dialogue about issues essential
to a democratic society in BiH.
WEB: www.fondacijacure.org

Global campaign 16 days of activism against gender based violence

Foundation CURE is implementing 16 days of activism against gender based
violence for the fourth time this year.

For 2007 campaign we have prepared numerous educational and creative
activities and we are inviting you to participate.

* *

*24. nov: *

   - street action to promote the campaign

     (in cooperation with women groups in bih)

* *

*25. nov*

international day for the elimination of violence against  women


first international congress of women in paris 1945.


international women human rights defenders day

*30. nov: *

   - beginning of the workshops with youth,

topic: gender equality; @ Srebrenica youth council (in cooperation with GTZ)

* *

*1. dec:*

world aids day

   - workshop : topic : women's movement through the lenses of time; @
   Srebrenica youth council (in cooperation with GTZ)

*2. dec: *

international day for the abolition of slavery

   - workshop : topic : activism and  local community engagement; @
   Srebrenica youth council (in cooperation with GTZ))

*3. dec: *

international day of disabled persons

   - workshop : topic : cure example of feminist activism; @ Srebrenica
   youth council (in cooperation with GTZ)
   - in 1793.on this day Olympe de Gouges lost her life to the guillotine
   due to her revolutionary ideas. was a French women human rights defender.
   feminist and the author of the  declaration of the rights of woman and
   the female citizen (1791)

*  *


international volunteer day for social and economic development

*6. dec: *

   - public debate, topic: women and media,@ media center sarajevo,
   kolodvorska 3 street, sarajevo (in cooperation with udružene žene bl and
   media center sarajevo) @ 6 p.m. (apply to: masa at media.ba

   - the montreal massacre - on december 6, 1989, a 25 year-old man named
   walked into the university of montreal's school of engineering building with
   semi-automatic rifle and killed 14 women and left an explanatory note "i
   hate feminists».
   - in 1942 in Bosanski Petrovac first national women conference was
   held and AFŽ (antifascist women front) was formed.

*8. dec:*

   - bh premier of the documentary-motion film Zagorka (CRO);
   screenwriter and directress: Biljana Čakić Veselič, 90 min; at meeting point
   Sarajevo at 19h: this is a film is based on the biography of Marija Juric
   Zagorka, most-read Croatian writer of her age, Zagreb city chronicler, first
   woman journalist in the South-East Europe and one of the most engaged
   fighter for women human rights.

   - workshop, topic: gender sensitive language in bh. media for
   journalists  (apply to: info at fondacijacure.org)

   - workshop, topic: food, not bombs! (apply to: smogovac at gmail.com)

*9. dec: *

   - workshop, topic: food, not bombs! (apply to: smogovac at gmail.com)

   - dolores ibárruri gómez, also known as la pasionaria (the passion
   flower) (was born on this date, 1895– was a spanish political leader spanish
   and a revolutionary.

10. dec:

   - international human rights day UN human rights declaration was

   - street action for the last day of the campaign – food not bombs;
   women rights are human rights.

 We also created a facebook group 16 days of activism and we are inviting
you all to join in and share the info on your activities

Until the violence stops!

Danijela Dugandzic
Taida Horozovic
Jadranka Milicevic

Foundation CURE team

*Towards positive social changes*

Danijela Dugandzic
Fondacija CURE/Foundation CURE
PitchWise festival 2007
PitchWise Film Festival
16 days of activism against gender based violence
danijela at fondacijacure.org
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