[16days_discussion] 16 Days COUNTDOWN- issue 4

Sadia Hameed shameed at rci.rutgers.edu
Mon Nov 19 14:24:20 EST 2007

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence- November 25-December 10, 2007


Dear Friends,

Today we kick off discussion around the fourth thinking point within 
this year's 16 Days of Activism Theme

**Thinking point 4: Evaluating the Impact and effectiveness of work to 
prevent violence against women- identifying the successes and the gaps**

In order to help facilitate the next few days of discussion on this 
issue I am sending for your consideration the following points:

- Do you think that it is possible to measure the impact of the work 
done to end violence against women nationally, regionally and globally?

-What methods has your organization or network developed to help measure 
the impact of your work to end violence against women?

-What are some of the challenges you encounter in evaluating your work?

-What resources are needed to make evaluation more efficient? Who are 
the sources of these resources? (e.g other human rights groups, states, 
donors, regional bodies)

- Do you feel that the movement to end violence against women can be 
strengthened by dedicating more time to evaluating our own progress?

- What role can we play to support each other in evaluating the impact 
of our work to end violence against women?

I look forward to a dynamic and interactive discussion from you all over 
the next few days!

Please remember that you must reply to the *listserve* in order to post 
your message to everyone- and not just to me.

Please include the following information in your responses: _Your name 
or organization's name and the country you are based in._

*If I could also call upon our multi-lingual colleagues to assist us in 
this conversation and provide translations for submissions is languages 
other than English that would be greatly appreciated! *

Kind Regards,

Sadia Hameed
Program Coordinator

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