[16days_discussion] 16 Days COUNTDOWN- Issue 3

Sadia Hameed shameed at rci.rutgers.edu
Tue Nov 13 12:38:56 EST 2007

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence- November 25-December 10, 2007


Dear Friends,

Today we kick off discussion around the third thinking point within this 
year's 16 Days of Activism Theme

*Thinking point 3: Increasing awareness of the impact of violence 
against women, including engaging men an boys in prevention and 
eradication efforts

In order to help facilitate the next 5 days of discussion on this issue 
I am sending for your consideration the following points:

- What are the myths and stereotypes that continue to exist around the 
use and acceptance of violence against women in your community?

-What steps need to be taken and by who in order to shift these stereotypes?

-Are there men-led organizations in your country that campaign against 
the use of violence by men against women? Have you ever partnered with 
these organizations?

-What message can men in your community carry to other men?

- Based on your work and experience what are the best tools/methods that 
can be used to raise awareness?

-Do most women in your community know where to go to receive services 
and protection is they are threatened or become a victim of violence?

- What can be done better to ensure that women know their rights and can 
access the protections and services they need when faced with violence

I look forward to a dynamic and interactive discussion from you all over 
the next few days!

Please remember that you must reply to the *listserve* in order to post 
your message to everyone- and not just to me.

Please include the following information in your responses: Your name or 
organization's name and the country you are based in.

If I could also call upon our multi-lingual colleagues to assist us in 
this conversation and provide translations for submissions is languages 
other than English that would
be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,

Sadia Hameed
Program Coordinator

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