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i would like to support Bernadette in her concerns that public health crises of women created by policies that harm us through commission (like marketing franken-foods and hygenic products with carcinogenic additives, or providing access to Viagra and yet ignporing a woman'e need for family plannig products, or the fact that fruit and vegetables have become so pricey over here in USA that the poor and working classes can not rarely afford them due to American obsession with purchasing produce that "looks good" rather than produce which have retained their innate goodness despite a bruise or two etc...one  green pepper here in Appalachia is 96 cents at Walmart the cheapest place around. Broccoli is 4 $ a head. cherries are 9 dollars a pound . Nasty hard tasteless apples with chemical residue arre over five dollars for a small bag; and amout a dollar fifty for one.
an INcreasing number of  states have social policy in the form of laws that permit individuals and medical practices that allow individual doctors to determine "based upon religious belief and/or "personal scruple" that they wil not issue the emergency conraceptive pill called popularly "morning after" EVEN IN CASES OF RAPE..(see above attached link to article):
New food standards reflect a social policy that allows for weening the defintions of organic foods so that big commercial corporate players can claim their franken-foods with chemical additives and side effects like "high fructose corn syrup" are organic...while they are requiring onerous certifications of vitamins and food supplements or alternative medicinal  compounds which are actually natural that will prohibit their affordability to most working class and poor women and children...
yes soical policy can and does do violence towards women., including rape laws that shield the rapist or child sexual assaulter and prosecutions that harm those aginst whom violent sexual crimes have been perpetrated.
i think we need to make this theme one of identifies harmful social policies and practices, and advocates for social policy that supports health and safety, and promotes the lifetime viability of women , both single women and women with families.
Peace and Blessings, Aminah

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Dear sisterfriends
I am writing from Cape Town, South Africa, from a country where neo-liberal structural adjustment programmes have wreaked havoc with, among others, our healthcare system, education, social services.
We are meant to be one of the most progressive countries in the world, and our leaders are feted at A-list parties the world over. Yet women - and let me restate that to be clearer: poor black women (women of colour) – are dying of easily preventable diseases like the various cancers that afflict us in the modern era.
This because routing testing and screening for the various cancers or their ‘precursors’ (like HPV & cervical cancer, or mammograms) are largely unavailable to poor black women. Even when we know we should be getting screened, we can’t afford it.
A small group of black woman scholar-activists here, precipitated by my sister’s mastectomy, are currently discussing why more and more black women in our country are getting cancer, and included are discussions of oestrogens that are routinely added to livestock that we then ingest (organic? Get real; people can barely afford chemicalised food, let alone the luxuries of organic). Now perhaps one can understand why radical women like Patricia McFadden are vegan.
So our environments and the food we ingest are routinely polluted. And our bodies suffer while we have no access to health care services, education about the importance of screening, and preventative measures, etc.
Men scientists have been studying prostate cancer and staring at each other’s phalluses ad nauseum, while breast cancer & cervical cancer remain marginal.
This to me is gender-based violence. I would like it named as GBV. I would like it campaigned against as GBV. I would like it addressed and ended.
With compassionate rage,
Bernedette Muthien
Executive Director
Engender, registered NPO
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Email: info at engender.org.za
Website: www.engender.org.za
Address: PO Box 12992, Mowbray, 7705, Cape Town, South Africa

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Dear Friends, 

Thank you for all of your suggestion and ideas!
To allow time for more activists and organizations to share their experiences with us, the consultation will remain open until the end of the day on Tuesday 26 June. We especially request activists and organizations to share with us the challenges you face while working to prevent violence against women.
Please email us by Tuesday 26 June, we look forward to using your feedback when finalizing the theme for the 16 days campaign against gender based violence for 2007.
Many Thanks
Consultation on 2007 16 Days Campaign Theme: Demanding Implementation, Challenging ObstaclesAs activists working to prevent violence against women, we all face obstacles and challenges to our work. These obstacles may include a lack of implementation of gender-sensitive policies, resource constraints or even backlash from our communities. As a movement, it is important to identify what challenges we face and how to overcome them in order to move forward effectively and collectively in our efforts. The 16 Days campaign is one vehicle that we can use to speak out, challenge obstacles and make our demands known!This year's campaign will seek to demand implementation by challenging those obstacles that stand in the way of realizing an environment where women are free from violence- including those obstacles that we as activists face when trying to move forward in our work. Like previous years, this campaign also seeks to recognize the widespread efforts being undertaken on the issue of violence, especially in the areas of implementation and prevention work.As we begin the consultation for the 16 Days campaign theme, CWGL invites you to share what you feel are the most important challenges and obstacles that hinder you/your organization from being able to effectively move forward in your work on preventing violence against women. Please share with us any resource materials or fact sheets you have put together on this issue and help us decide our campaign slogan by sending us your ideas, suggestions and comments.  See slogans below for examples from previous years.As we are eager to begin preparations for the campaign we request that you send us your feedback by Friday, June 22nd.Many thanks,CWGL*******************************The Annual 16 Days ThemeEvery year, CWGL composes a campaign theme in consultation with women's human rights advocates worldwide and then circulates an announcement for the campaign as widely as possible. Over the years, campaign themes have included:  1991/1992 Violence Against Women Violates Human Rights 1993 Democracy without Women's Human Rights . . . is not Democracy1994 Awareness, Accountability, Action: Violence Against Women Violates Human Rights 1995 Vienna, Cairo, Copenhagen and Beijing: Bringing Women's Human Rights Home 1997 Demand Women's Human Rights in the Home and in the World1998 Building a Culture of Respect for Human Rights 1999 Fulfilling the Promise of Freedom from Violence 2000 Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of the Campaign2001 Racism and Sexism: No More Violence2002 Creating a Culture That Says 'No' to Violence Against Women 2003 Violence Against Women Violates Human Rights: Maintaining the Momentum Ten Years After Vienna (1993-2003) 2004-2005 For the Health of Women, For the Health of the World: No More Violence2006 Celebrate 16 Years of 16 Days: Advance Human Rights ‹­› End Violence Against Women 
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