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FSMWAN is ok with the 2007 16 Days Theme.

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  Dear Friends, 

  Just a quick reminder that the theme consultation for the 2007 16 Days of Activism Campaign will be ending on Friday 22 June. Please send us your suggestions and ideas by 6pm on Friday.

  I have pasted the original message below for your convenience

  We look forward to hearing from you soon

  Many Thanks


  Consultation on 2007 16 Days Campaign Theme: Demanding Implementation, Challenging Obstacles
  As activists working to prevent violence against women, we all face obstacles and challenges to our work. These obstacles may include a lack of implementation of gender-sensitive policies, resource constraints or even backlash from our communities. As a movement, it is important to identify what challenges we face and how to overcome them in order to move forward effectively and collectively in our efforts.  The 16 Days campaign is one vehicle that we can use to speak out, challenge obstacles and make our demands known!

  This year's campaign will seek to demand implementation by challenging those obstacles that stand in the way of realizing an environment where women are free from violence- including those obstacles that we as activists face when trying to move forward in our work. Like previous years, this campaign also seeks to recognize the widespread efforts being undertaken on the issue of violence, especially in the areas of implementation and prevention work.

  As we begin the consultation for the 16 Days campaign theme, CWGL invites you to share what you feel are the most important challenges and obstacles that hinder you/your organization from being able to effectively move forward in your work on preventing violence against women.  Please share with us any resource materials or fact sheets you have put together on this issue and help us decide our campaign slogan by sending us your ideas, suggestions and comments.  See slogans below for examples from previous years.

  As we are eager to begin preparations for the campaign we request that you send us your feedback by Friday, June 22nd.

  Many thanks,



  The Annual 16 Days Theme

  Every year, CWGL composes a campaign theme in consultation with women's human rights advocates worldwide and then circulates an announcement for the campaign as widely as possible. Over the years, campaign themes have included: 
  1991/1992 Violence Against Women Violates Human Rights 
  1993 Democracy without Women's Human Rights . . . is not Democracy
  1994 Awareness, Accountability, Action: Violence Against Women Violates Human Rights 
  1995 Vienna, Cairo, Copenhagen and Beijing: Bringing Women's Human Rights Home 
  1997 Demand Women's Human Rights in the Home and in the World
  1998 Building a Culture of Respect for Human Rights 
  1999 Fulfilling the Promise of Freedom from Violence 
  2000 Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of the Campaign
  2001 Racism and Sexism: No More Violence
  2002 Creating a Culture That Says 'No' to Violence Against Women 
  2003 Violence Against Women Violates Human Rights: Maintaining the Momentum Ten Years After Vienna (1993-2003) 
  2004-2005 For the Health of Women, For the Health of the World: No More Violence
  2006 Celebrate 16 Years of 16 Days: Advance Human Rights <­> End Violence Against Women 

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