[16days_discussion] 16 days campaign theme consultation 2007

Audrey Haschemeyer bethelwh at cape.com
Wed Jun 13 18:29:40 EDT 2007

Hi Sadia and All:

> Consultation on
> 2007 16 Days Campaign Theme: Demanding Implementation, Challenging

This looks like a good theme that might help us to focus energy and to
expose the sources of continuous blockage of women's movement toward full
equality, including the end of violence.

> As we begin the consultation
> for the 16 Days campaign theme, CWGL invites you to share what you feel
are the most important challenges and obstacles that hinder you/your
organization from being able to effectively move forward in your work on
preventing violence against women.

Our group is recently moving in the direction of Personal Empowerment,
i.e., building our own strength to deal with a mostly apathetic society
headed by, at best, a bunch of phony and patronizing officials. If I had
to give us a slogan for right now, it would be: Personal Empowerment in
Women's Activism Against Gender Violence.

For example, we have a significant expansion of pornography going on in
our area. It is a blatant power play by organized crime, yet the laws and
courts back it up from the point of view of male power over women. (In the
U.S. pornography is called "free speech.") We find that women are
intimidated by it, and by all the other power-over "speech" and practices
that target women. Strengthening of women to combat this is our direction
at present.

Very best,

Audrey Haschemeyer

Audrey E. Haschemeyer, Ph.D.
Task Force on Gender and Cultural Change
Northampton and Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
See www.globalbird.net for Task Force pages
See www.NoPornNorthampton.org for the pornography issue

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