[16days_discussion] Changemakers Collaborative Competition: Ending Abuse (March 28th Deadline)

Janet Feldman kaippg at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 17 17:41:48 EST 2007

Welcome to the "No Private Matter! Ending Abuse in Intimate and Family
Relations" collaborative competition. 

This is the ninth Changemakers competition that "open sources social
solutions," connecting your innovations for ending abuse with key
decision-makers and investors.  This is the first in a series of
Changemakers Collaborative Competitions in partnership with the Robert Wood
Johnson Foundation (RWJF). 

Your organization can enter the competition up to March 28, 2007 by
documenting your innovative activities and solutions on the Changemakers
site where it will be posted, judged by leading philanthropists, reviewed
by peers, and voted on by a community of changemakers like you. 

For competition details, please visit

The panel of judges will choose 12 finalists who will attend a Change
Summit on violence prevention.  The Changemakers community will select
three overall competition winners who will each receive $5,000. After the
winners are announced, Changemakers will continue to host and connect a
global community of innovators, investors, and supporters committed to
ending abuse. 
Enter before February 10, 2007 and be eligible to be one of two
organizations chosen to be profiled in a magazine or journal.

We look forward to profiling your innovations and connecting solutions to
the resources needed to end domestic violence around the world.
The Changemakers Team

Entry deadline:
March 28, 2007
Twelve finalists will attend a Change Summit on violence prevention and
three winners will receive each $5,000.

The panel of judges includes leaders from:
- Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
- Family Violence Prevention Fund
- Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention

Early bird prizes:
Be one of two organizations featured in a magazine/journal advertisement. 
To be eligible enter by February 10, 2007.

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