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Dear Colleaques and Friends
  I would like to extend HEARTY GREETINGS and BEST WISHES to UYFI Members and the whole CITIZEN on the AUSPICIOUS OCCASIONS of CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR 2007. I also wish all of you GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINNESS, PEACE AND PROSPERITY. However: 
  1)  We have the privilege to invite you to JOIN the Uyfigroup at:
  and POST Messages through email to:
  Uyfigroup at yahoogroups.com 

2) United Youth Front International, is a voluntary but international non-governmental organization for upliftment of youth all over the world for the specific purpose of maintaining Unity, Truth Justice and peace from the grassroots. Click-http://www.idealist.org/orgs/98394:246  

  3) Volunteerism delivers impressive social benefits. Through voluntary action people create groupings that can cement social norms and inculcate a sense of civic responsibility and belonging.3 Research suggests that when networks of voluntary organizations are created which link different interest groups, the increased interaction leads to improved understanding and increased tolerance of diversity.4 The participatory aspect of volunteerism can contribute to a heightened understanding of the forces which shape governments and societies, leading to greater transparency, accountability and improved governance.
  Volunteerism also has an important economic impact. In countries where empirical studies exist, the contribution of volunteering is estimated to be between 8% and 14% of Gross Domestic Product. On an individual level, volunteerism contributes to capacity building processes by helping the individual volunteer to develop marketable skills, providing access to workplace networks and boosting confidence and self-esteem.For more information, click-http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org
  4) George W Bush wants to pour more petrol on the fires burning in Iraq. But the new US Congress has the mandate to douse the flames. If they hear from all of us, they might find the guts to do it! Add your voice NOW to block Bush's military escalation and 
  demand a real plan to end the war. Bush's proposals will cost lives, make the entire world less secure, and make it harder to produce a real, political solution. Add your name to this ad campaign. Then spread the word today. 
  Petition: President Bush’s plan to escalate the war in Iraq is not supported by the Iraqi people, the international community, the Iraq Study Group, or the vast majority of Americans. We urge the new US Congress to block the military escalation in Iraq and demand a diplomatic solution and a real plan to end the Iraq war. See the ad and sign the petition. Click-http://www.avaaz.org/en/iraq_campaign_jan_2007/
  Add your voice now - Endorse the Ad 
  Lauretta Okonkwo

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