[16days_discussion] World Congress for Youth and Family Judges to Bhutnees Refugees Problems settlement - Nepal 2006

kiran sigdel acc at info.com.np
Sun Jul 2 05:43:19 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,
Can see the Bhutanees Refugees problems ?

Here is an excerpt from an email that I got recently and I would 
advise you to link in on the international concerned, there would be 
a brilliant Conference agenda with issues that may of interest you. 
It is not necessarily confined exclusively to the Judiciary.

" There is no better time to plan to come to Bhutan. The World 
Congress of the International Association of .....orgs and Family 
Judges and governments will suppose be arrenging to Refugees problem 
in Nepal but international peolple is being silent for their problem 
as human kind . Colleagues from around the world will expectly join 
us for this momentous event to solve political issues to settlement 
all bhutnees in bhutan from your kind suggestion. Why not take this 
opportunity to combine a visit to Nepal in Bhutnees Refugees camp 
with attendance at the Congress? at least you see direct touch with 
the bhutnees hope to present One hundred thousand welcomes awaits you 
for moral discussion for problem internationalization".

Check out the Congress AND tourist information at  
email :kiran_sigdel at yahoo.com,acc at info.com.np
Nobody ever needs an excuse to visit in Bhutan before solution becoz 
the bhutan government does not accept for your presence regarding to 
the Bhutanes problems from your side therefore you have to join in 
Nepal with your all kind of solution including your support package 
presence please.Further we will provide the problem from direct 
bhutnees refugee.
kiran sigdel
A human right activist from Nepal

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