[16days_discussion] 2006 16 Days Theme Announcement

Moiyattu Banya mbanya at eden.rutgers.edu
Mon Aug 28 12:20:08 EDT 2006

Dear Friend,

My name is Moiyattu Banya, program assistant, at the Center for Women's
Global Leadership. I will be serving as the interim coordinator for the 16
Days Campaign, until the hire of a full time coordinator. I am writing to
share with you the 2006 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Theme
Annoucement. Attached you will also find the 2006 Theme Annoucement in
Word and PDF.

                   Celebrate 16 Years of 16 Days:
           Advance Human Rights, End Violence Against Women

2006 marks the 16th anniversary of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender
Violence campaign! Since 1991, the 16 Days campaign has worked to increase
the visibility of violence against women as a human rights violation. The
campaign has been utilized by groups all over the world to demand support
services for survivors, enhance prevention efforts, press for legal and
judicial reform, and use international human rights instruments to address
violence against women as a human rights violation, a public health crisis
and a threat to human security and peace worldwide.

This year, the 16 Days campaign celebrates activists who have made the
campaign a success and honors women human rights defenders who have
suffered intimidation and violence for their activism and/or have given
their lives fighting for gender equality. (See information on the website
about November 29th which was declared in 2005 as the day to recognize
women’s human rights defenders.) This year commemorates progress on
addressing violence against women in our communities, nations, regions and
around the world and calls for reflection on how to continue to advance
this work.

While there has been progress in the struggle to end violence against
women, many challenges persist.  This year’s campaign seeks to revisit and
strengthen the human rights focus of work on gender based violence against
women.  It also hopes to look at the many obstacles women face in our
communities and nations that intersect with violence against women, such
as armed conflict, war, poverty, HIV/AIDS, globalization and other
challenges to human rights. As the United Nations undergoes internal
reform, we seek to ensure that women’s human rights concerns, including
violence, are fully integrated into all of the UN’s agendas. In October of
2006, the UN Secretary General will release an in-depth study on all forms
of violence against women. The 16 Days campaign provides an opportunity to
capitalize on the report and pressure governments and the UN to make
greater concrete commitments to eradicating violence against women.

The 2006 theme reinforces an understanding that advancing human rights and
ending violence against women are mutually reinforcing:  We encourage you
to use this year to share 16 Days successes and struggles with one
another, and to strategize collectively about ways to increase the
effectiveness of the campaign, especially its human rights focus.

Please see the 2006 Take Action kit for more details, including actions
tailored especially for 16 Years of 16 Days! The kit will be available
online and in print form in September – contact the Center for Women’s
Global Leadership at the address below to request a kit.

Thank you!

With Virtue,
Project Assistant

Center For Women's Global Leadership
160 Ryders Lane
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone:(732) 932-8782
Fax:(732) 932-1180
Web: http://www.cwgl.rutgers.edu
Email: cwgl at igc.org

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