[16days_discussion] Request for immediate intervention in Human Rights violation in Uzbekistan

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Wed Aug 2 09:52:03 EDT 2006

Dear friends,

Please distribute the below-mentioned letter through all the possible channels.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Susanna Vardanyan,
Women's Rights Center,


Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

I am addressing this challenging letter to you in response to the urgent message which I received
from International Federation for Human Rights and the World Organization against Torture,
announcing about gross human rights violation in Uzbekistan.

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights, the joint program of the International
Federation for Human Rights and the World Organization against
Torture, requests the immediate intervention of human rights organizations in the following
situation in the country.

Mrs.Mukhtabar Tojibieva, head of the "Goryachie serdca" ("Hot Hearts")human rights organization
from Margilana (Fergana Valley) was arrested on October 7, 2005 and was sentenced to 8 years of
imprisonment. Now she has been removed from her prison cell into the psychiatric department for
the mentally disordered and drug users of the Tashkent Center for Convicts.
On July 13, 2006 Ms. Tojibieva's attorney was allowed to meet her; she had both her hands tied.
Since that time no other meetings were allowed and no official replies were given to the attorney's
inquiry on the reasons of Ms. Tojibieva's removal. According to the attorney Ms. Tojibieva was
depressed and looked very weak.
The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights expresses its deep concerns for Mrs. Tojibieva's

Being the President of a human rights organization in Armenia,I am also deeply concerned about the
issue. I was shocked when I received this message. I have met this woman in Tashkent. She is a
cheerful, communicative and open-minded person. I just don't understand what this woman could
have done that authorities pursue her in such a manner. This is really unfair.

I am sure I am entitled on behalf of human rights organizations in Armenia to send you our
request to intervene in the process of releasing Mukhtabar and to demand the Uzbek authorities
to take certain steps, including the following:

1. to guarantee Ms. Tojibieva's physical and mental immunity under any circumstances,
2. to put an end to all forms of torture against Ms. Tojibieva,
3. to release Ms. Tojibieva immediately since her detention is ungrounded.

The contact addresses by which you may send your challenge to Uzbek authorities are listed below.

1. President of Uzbekistan, Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov,
ul. Uzbekistanskaya 43, Rezidentsia prezidenta, 700163 
Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 
Fax: +998 71 133 7258, E-mail: 
presidents_office at press-service.uz 
2. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Elyor Majidovich Ganiev, 
Respublika Uzbekistan; 700029 g. Tashkent; pl. Mustakillik, 5; 
Ministerstvo inostrannykh del RU, S.S., Uzbekistan, Fax: + 998 
71 139 15 17 
3. Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, Sayora 
ul. Xalqlar Dostligi 1, 700035 Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 
Fax: +998 71 139 85 55, E-mail: office at ombudsman.gov.uz 
4. Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 
Ubaydulla Mingbaev,
 Respublika Uzbekistan; 700183 g. Tashkent;  ul. Abdulla Kodiri, 
1; Verkhovny Sud Respubliki Uzbekistan 
5. General Prosecutor of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Rashidjon 
Hamidovich Kodirov, 
ul. Gulyamova 66, 700047 Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 
Fax: +998 71 133 39 17, E-mail: prokuratura at lawyer.com 
6. National Centre for Human Rights, Senator Akmal Saidov 
Natsionalny tsentr po pravam cheloveka,
 5/3, Mustakillik Maidoni, g. Tashkent, Respublika Uzbekistan. 
Fax: + 998 71 139 13 56 / 45 16, E-mail: office at nchr.uz 
7. Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Permanent 
Mission of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United Nations in 
 PO Box 1853, 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland, Fax: +4122 799 43 
 E-mail: uzbekistan at bluewin.ch

Please do everything in your power to help this very outstanding
woman. Please send this information towards all possible directions.

Thank you for your solidarity!

Susanna Vardanyan
Women's Rights Center
Tel/Fax: (374 10) 58.36.18;
Tel.: (374 10) 54.28.28
e-mail: wrcarm at arminco.com
URL: http://www.wrcorg.am

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