In order to facilitate electronic communication among large groups of networked computer users, the Rutgers University Office of Information Technology offers electronic mailing list services to faculty, staff and students.

Why a Mailing List?

Advantages of a Mailing List

A mailing list permits you to address an entire group of predesignated individuals by specifying only one address to your email software - a convenience for contacting groups with whom you correspond frequently and also for sharing information among people with common interests. If you want to send email to a large group of people at once, then a mailing list would most likely be an effective means for the delivery of information.

Guidelines for Mailing List Creation and Use

The Mailman service has usage restrictions regarding Protected Health Information (PHI) or other confidential University information. This service must not be used to communicate or store University restricted data or patient Protected Health Information. Doing so represents a violation of the Federal HIPAA Privacy/Security rules, State Privacy Laws, or University policies. Users will be responsible for complying with any restricted data as defined in University Policy.

Note: For additional information regarding restricted data, please reference the Information Classification Policy [policies.rutgers.edu]. Any further questions or concerns please contact the appropriate campus help desk.

Who can request a mailing list?

Any individual with a valid Rutgers University NetID can request the creation of a mailing list. A list can be established for your department, working group or organization.

Scope and Usage of Mailing Lists

All lists must be used for University-related business/activities. While individuals and groups outside of the University are welcome to subscribe (add their email addresses) to lists maintained at Rutgers, they will not be permitted to set up mailing lists.

Responsibilities of the List Administrator

Only persons with a valid Rutgers University NetID may be a list administrator and the email address used for list administrators should be of the form NetID@rutgers.edu or NetID@ one of the approved Rutgers email addresses. In all cases, the list must have a specific administrator who is responsible for the maintenance of the list. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, keeping the list of members current. Invalid email addresses subscribed to a list can unnecessarily overburden Rutgers' systems and personnel resources. For these reasons, the Rutgers' Mailman Service Administrator may take action to help maintain lists.

In response to potential consequences to the Mailman service (i.e., risk of blacklisting by third parties and performance degradation) if issues arise concerning a list, the administrators for that list will be contacted via email and have 10 business days to acknowledge and/or fix the issues, otherwise the list will be deactivated. Upon deactivation it is the responsibility of the list administrators to contact help@email.rutgers.edu in order to facilitate the resolution of the issues. Once the issues have been resolved and confirmed the list will be reactivated in 1-2 business days.

Should there be complaints about the management of the list, they should be taken up with the list administrator, and failing that, the manager or dean who has disciplinary authority over the list administrator. If infractions of the University Code of Student Conduct are brought to our attention, e.g. lists promoting prejudices, biases or illegal activities, OIT will bring this to the attention of the administrator and if need be, to disciplinary authorities.

Mailing List Review

The established mailing lists will be reviewed periodically. Twice a year, a review may occur for every list which has not been posted to in over a year. This review may include, but is not limited to, checking to see if the list is still actively used and/or to validate the email addresses of the list administrators. If there is no action taken in regards to any inquiries made to the list administrators in this regard within one week, we will attempt to contact the list administrators again. Failing confirmation a second time, the list will be removed. During the review, the lists will need to be successfully posted to in order to keep the list active.

Note: If, after creating the list, you changed your list administrator email address from the "NetID@rutgers.edu" format to another email address, your list may not turn up in the admin web tools. Provided below is a full list of valid list administrator/owner address formats.

Valid List Administrator/Owner Email Addresses

Requesting a Mailing List

To set up a mailing list, prospective list administrators must follow the instructions.

For class-specific lists, we created the Rutgers Automated Mass-mailing System (RAMS). For one of these lists, the prospective list owner must login to the Class List Creator.

RAMS can also manage lists that target a subsection of the Rutgers community for official University business. See the RAMS documentation on "Requesting of new mailing list" for guidelines for one of these lists. As with other University computing resources, these lists cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Example Requests

The following information must be entered to create a Mailman list;

Name of List:
This is the Mailman list name. It MUST utilize only alpha numeric characters AND an underscore character ( _ ). The underscore can not be the first or last character of the list name. For example, "test_list".

List Administrator Address:
This is the email address of the Mailman list administrator. This will be NetID@rutgers.edu initially.

What subscription option should be used:
Email confirmation (the subscriber will have to respond to an email sent by Mailman to confirm their subscription)
List Administrator Approval (the subscriber's request will be sent to the list administrator for approval)
Both of the above (the subscriber will have to confirm AND the list admin will have to approve the subscription).

Who can view the subscription list:
Anyone, List Members or List Admin only

Should the list be listed publicly:
No means it will not appear on the list of public lists.

Would you like the list to be moderated:
No means that no one will have to approve messages. Yes means that messages will be sent to the list moderator for approval.

How should postings by non-members be treated:
Accept them (post the message to the list), Hold them (send the message to the list moderator for approval), Reject them (send a rejection notice to the poster), Discard them (ignore them).

You should receive an initial response to your request for a mailing list within two business days. If you do not, please let us know by sending email to help@email.rutgers.edu, with the list request information.

Deleting a Mailing List

The list owner must send email requesting list deletion to help@email.rutgers.edu from their owner email address listed in the Mailman list configuration. Please be sure to list the Mailman list name. To see the lists you own, please visit the mylists webtool.

For Further Information

For more information about Mailman, please see RU Mailman.

To learn about the automatically maintained RAMS lists, visit the RAMS page.